Other fees for international students

Other Fees Description Fees (NZD)
Accommodation guarantee and services fee for students under 18 years Per year NZ$780
Change of Homestay Fee+ Per change NZ$125
Airport transfer within Auckland From Auckland International Airport NZ$110
Additional passengers subject to prior approval – payment to the driver Cash NZ$60
Auckland International Airport – transfer between terminals   NZ$80
Airport transfer within Tauranga From Tauranga Airport NZ$110
Accommodation Placement Fee Registration fee (payable once only, non-refundable). NZ$300
Holiday retainer rate Per week NZ$130
Transfer between homestays One way NZ$95


Other fees to consider

The NZ Government Education Export Levy is calculated as follows:

– Private schools as 0.50% of international student tuition fees

We provide international students some excellent homestay options.

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